+ Makka Na Ito +

Always there

For years
I followed you
In the shadows
Always one step behind
My head hung in shame
Too shy, embarrassed to look you in the eye
As cold winds blew in the dark
My hand kept reaching out for yours
Trembling, hesitant
Until I would slowly pull back again
My eyes fixated on your back
So close I could almost hear you breathe
Yet too far to be by your side
I would bite my lip
And sigh

I kept thinking about
The storm inside of you
Troubles blackening your heart
Time fading you away from me
Unable to contain it any longer
It overflowed and burst
My heart raced as I finally
Grabbed your hand
And looked you in the eye
Your warmth crawled up my arm
"I mean it when I say I love you"
Spilled from my lips
Echoed through the emptiness inside of me
Your face looked very serious
When you said
"I know"
Our time stopped
As storms raged around us
Darkening the autumn sky
Everyone next to us a world apart
The biting cold forced away
By your radiance
Silence sang a song
As we smiled with eyes about to tear up
I bit my lip
And sighed

When we parted
Each swallowed by the night
In my mind
I still held your hand
So hard my knuckles turned white
To know that you know
That I'm always there
Close by
My thoughts attached to you
Caring deeply
Fills me up once again
With the warmth of your embrace
As you kindly thanked me
You bit your lips
And sighed
5.11.16 22:06

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