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Not here for regrets

Just as the sun shines, I smile.
Not letting myself drown in set-backs, I struggle on, grasping for every opportunity, cherishing every ray of light. Surely, I struggle but the important bit is that I struggle on. Maybe, with some things, it is impossible for me to move forward, but whatever it takes, I will give it a shot.
And so, even if things are bleak, I let the smallest things gift me with a smile.

"Live your life without regrets"
You, on the other hand, push forward and struggle on without an aim, without a goal. If you stumble, you just lie there and eventually give up. All the while, your heart never smiles. Behind your perfect face, your beautiful eyes and your soft touch, you are filled with regrets. Even if you hide you cannot sleep at night because what truly haunts you is yourself.

So when you got up and left, and told me "I'm going first", the one who was actually left behind, was you.

And I thought it was me you left behind.
But while I had been swept away by the waves of life, washed ashore new lands and experiences, always trying to live up to my own ideals, I see you stuck.
You are moving, in your own circle - always pulled back by what you regret. Always held back by what you could not achieve.
I wanted us to cling to each other for a little longer. I was all ready to pull you along. Yet you let go and struck me down.

So while I fight on, whatever's to come, most definitely I am still with you. Another regret to haunt your dreams. Sometimes it seems to me you haven't heard that there's only this one life you can live.
At least, this way, you'll remember me always.
Please hold me dear because that love I gave you was honest and pure; no regrets attached.
6.9.13 23:25

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