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Some things unwavering

True, when you abandon something for a long or less long time and return to it eventually, it will still be the same - however, chances are it's not the same to you anymore.
Even more awesome it is to return to something long lost and forgotten and discover that, hell yes, it's still the fuckin' same! Even more so, it's still the ass-kicking awesome same!

Maybe it's not that bad to move on and forget things, after all. I guess everyone made that disappointing experience of re-discovering something they loved only to find out that it's not the way it used to be anymore. That it lost its magic, lost its meaning. It hurts, sometimes more, sometimes less.
But isn't it amazing to re-discover something after years and still get a fuzzy warm feeling from it? Have it make your heart jump? Even if you don't plan to integrate it into your life again... isn't it plain bliss and the sweetest of nostalgia?

No matter how much a person has changed, when they still get the exact same feeling from something from the past, doesn't it mean that yes, they're still the same person after all. Changes, yes. But the core, the basic part of "identity", something deep inside there... is still the same.

I might have changed colours. I might not know the people I used to know anymore. I might not love what I used to love anymore. I might know new people, might love new things - or rather, know different people, love different things... live another life. But some things will never change. Because hey, it's me, still me and will most likely always be me.
Although it might be a petty realization, it's still great to know! (:
4.11.10 22:15


君の声 遥か 遠く
私の事 忘れたかな?
16.8.10 13:40

A miracle worth to be challenged

We've come a long rough way and everything so far seems to smell of fate.
After so much struggle, just as I was about to give up hope altogether - everything turned just fine. Better than fine.
Although very different from what would be expected.

This whole story is an exceptional and somewhat unbelievable one anyway. And I want to think that exactly that is what gives it more potential, more power, more depth. We have already achieved something, because we managed to reach this point and turn it for the better and keep it and not be distracted by strange voices trying to lure us away.
And that is why I am confident and while some thoughts linger on my mind, I don't feel really worried... no matter what obstacles lie ahead. Obstacles that cannot be ignored. Obstacles that wish to shatter this all.

But this is different, this is special. Being branded with premonitions of failure isn't its weakness, it's its strong point. I'm sure we will manage because it have been the hardships that led to this glory.
4.7.10 12:15


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Wollte ich nicht mehr auf Deutsch schreiben?
Ouh screw it! Who the hell cares anyway!? D:
11.6.10 22:44

Selbst die augenscheinlich flachsten und niveaulosesten Komplimente können manchmal das Herz erwärmen und Freude schenken.

"Wie geht's dir?"
- "Danke gut, und selbst?"
"Wenn ich dich sehe geht es mir immer gut!"

25.5.10 21:42


"Live a life that you won't regret."
But what to do if either choice is regrettable? Let's choose the the way that could turn out less regrettable than the other.
Make the choice that's least of a bad. Although it might fail even more due to the expectation that it's still better than if it had gone differently while - if it had gone differently - it might have still turned out okay.
However, choosing the way that offers a chance to lead to the truth should never be regrettable. The truth is not regrettable. It may be hurtful, but it cannot be more wrong than a lie or things unanswered.

Let's challenge this. Let's challenge fate and see what happens. Chances are nothing happens. Or something terrible. Or something that will let us think "Luckily I tried this." You cannot know the outcome beforehand. And if it turns out the worst possible you can still feel embarrassed and ashamed and regret to have done this, but at least you tried.
Somehow I know this is bound to lead to disappointment. But I cannot let this pass by. I just cannot not take this chance as fragile and feeble as it may seem.

Because if I didn't I know I'd regret it.
16.5.10 23:15


They say there's a storm coming to the glass sky,
There was light everywhere and we couldn't see...

With shivering fingers, tightly clinging to the railing for life
We ran aground, the shock of the jolt vibrating through the hull
Hollow and eerie a shrieking sound
Bursting planks and ripping ropes, the last mast coming down
Lonely the flag flutters its goodbye, skull and cross swords facing an unknown destiny
Shattered. Scattered. Everything.
Who's left is struggling for survival, taking everything within reach with them
Heading for a different direction
No captain to call the crew back together
No captain to accuse them of mutiny
With a gargling noise our adored majesty lies down in her grave.

"Deep in my heart, I want to believe that we'll be sailing on forever."
...but I knew this would happen. I saw a darkness coming. I saw it coming.

Farewell, my queen, one day, we shall be together again.
25.3.10 01:20

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